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If pest control isn’t a priority in your home or business, it can quickly lead to expensive problems and dangerous medical situations. However, preventing pests on your own can be time-consuming, hazardous, and nearly impossible at times. That’s why Admiral Pest Control has been by helping Fullerton citizens cross pest control off of their to-do list for years.

Residential Pest Control In Fullerton, CA

If you’re a Fullerton homeowner, you have enough to worry about. While the California weather may be an ideal living situation for you and your family, it’s also an ideal habitat for pests and rodents. Many of these invasive species can bring in dangerous bacteria that cause diseases, and many others will cause expensive damage to your property.
There are plenty of things you could do on your own to lessen your chances of incurring an infestation, but the results are often inconsistent. Home eradication methods are even more inconsistent, so attempting to get rid of pests on your own can often lead to even longer infestations. Instead of wasting your time and money, call Admiral Pest Control to get rid of your pest issues for good. Our professional treatments can provide guaranteed protection against pest and rodents, and our technicians are happy to come out between quarterly treatments to address any new issues that may pop up.

Most Common Signs Of Termite Infestation In Fullerton, CA

Termites can do thousands of dollars’ worth of damage in a little over a year’s time, but catching an infestation early could save you a lot of money. If you’re just walking around your home looking for termites, though, you’re not going to see any. That’s why understanding the signs of a termite infestation is so important.

  • Mud tubes: if you’ve got subterranean termites on your property, they’ll tunnel into the side of your house from the soil. Noticing mud tubes on outdoor walls is a sure sign of infestation.
  • Swarmers: these are the winged termites in charge of infestation. You may see a gray, buzzing cloud of them on your property after days of rain.
  • Soft clicking noises in the walls: while termites chew their way through the wood in your walls, you might be able to hear them if you listen closely.
  • Tightening of doors and windows: if you have trouble opening and closing doors and windows, this could be an indication of internal damage caused by termites.
  • Frass: if you have drywood termites, rather than subterranean termites, then you might see this mixture of wooden pellets and termite droppings building up along your baseboards.

If you do notice these signs, please keep in mind that nothing you can do on your own can get rid of a termite infestation. Call Admiral Pest Control before the infestation gets severe and let us get rid of your termite problem with just one treatment.

Four Things You Can Do To Deter Rodents In Fullerton, CA

Rodents in Fullerton, such as mice, rats, squirrels, and more, can cause big problems on your property in more ways than one. Armed with sharp teeth and flexible bodies, they can gain access to almost any home by enlarging existing cracks and crevices before squeezing through. Once they’re in, they can chew through almost anything, all while spreading dangerous diseases around your house.
Since they’re designed by nature to infiltrate your home, your prevention methods need to focus on lessening their attraction to your property.

  • Pick up the clutter to reduce hiding places.
  • Reduce roof access by capping vents and trimming back tree branches.
  • Seal up cracks and crevices with steel wool to deter entry.
  • Store your food and trash properly to reduce an easy source of food.

While doing these activities can limit your chance of an infestation, they will not guarantee a rodent-free home. If you want assurance that your home and family are safe from rodents, call Admiral Pest Control today. Our professional rodent experts know how to identify potential entry points and the safest way to remove an infestation completely, providing you with a rodent-free home.

Commercial Pest Control In Fullerton, CA

Running a business is stressful, and you work hard to juggle as many tasks as you can to stay on track. However, one thing that you probably don’t have time to get done correctly is pest prevention, and, unfortunately, businesses will attract a wide variety of pests. All it really takes is one pest sighting in your facility and one post on social media to ruin your reputation in the community and cost you hundreds of potential customers.
The goods new is you’re not alone. Admiral Pest Control provides the highest quality commercial pest control services in the business, and we can schedule our guaranteed services around your working hours to ensure that your customers never even have to think about pest control. To avoid failed health inspections, bad reputations, and contaminated inventory, call Admiral Pest Control today.

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