Fullerton Pest Control

The Bugs and Pests in Fullerton are Music Lovers

Remember the 1960s when scientists tried to prove rock and roll, particularly electric guitars, were lethal. They claimed they could kill plants and drive bugs and other pests out of a house just by playing loud rock and roll. Leo Fender probably laughed, mainly because his electric guitar factory had to fight bugs and pests just like everyone else in Fullerton. No doubt, bugs and pests love good music because they are still here.

Bugs and pests like to eat and relax in your home

The fact is bugs and pests really like the way you live. They like the roof over their head, a full pantry, and they even like the crumbs you sweep under the refrigerator. Also, they like your mattress; bedbugs do anyway. They sleep deep inside the soft fabric during the day and late evening. Somehow, they know when you are sound asleep. That’s when they slip up to the surface and stick their needle-sharp mouth painlessly into your skin and drink your blood like little vampire bugs. You never know they are there until the rash and bites start to appear on your skin.

Mice love the cozy walls inside your pantry, that way they don’t have far to go for a midnight snack. Compared to the outside world, your house seems nice and safe. Even when you go on a do-it-yourself rampage, the benefits of your home outweigh your best efforts.

Time to bring in the professionals

Admiral Pest Control in Fullerton thinks bugs and pests have no place in your home. We know how to eliminate them and prevent them from returning using eco-friendly products and state-of-the-art equipment. We make it quick and easy and we don’t need to play any loud music. We think the bugs and pests actually like music but we know they don’t like us. Learn about our Residential Pest Control and Commercial Pest Control options!