Green Pest Control

Since our founding in 1947, Admiral Pest Control has provided our customers with the safest, greenest and most effective pest control options available. Our first option has always been to use a pest management technique called Integrated Pest Management or known in the industry as IPM. Sometimes integrated pest management is not enough and we have to use a product to control pests. Recent advances in pest management products have identified products that are plant based and extremely safe for use in sensitive areas or in facilities where organic certification may be compromised if other products are used. We are proud to offer these options as a part of our service. Just ask your friendly Admiral Pest Control technician for more information.

About Integrated Pest Management

With more than 65 years of pest management experience, we’ve seen a variety of products come and go but one thing has remained constant: Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is the best choice when it comes to green pest control. IPM uses the powerful natural forces of nature and common sense to prevent and dissuade pests from taking up residence in your residence or commercial facility. We use a multi-step process as a part of our IPM programs that have the following features:

Identify: Knowing the types of pests that are impacting you is the beginning of our treatment protocol.

Understand: We look at the reason why that pest is in your home. They may have found an easily accessible food or water source or may be seeking shelter from the elements.

Treat: Frequently the best way to dissuade pests is to make it uncomfortable to live where they are living. This in short means blocking access to the inside of your home by sealing all the holes in the exterior of the property. Besides shelter, your home is also full of tasty food and water. Making sure that garbage and food containers are properly sealed goes a long way to getting pests to go away.

Report: We will report on the progress of our program. As this is a natural method that removes food and shelter, it may take longer than the use of a product but this is the greenest pest control method available.

About our Green Insect Control Product


There are some situations where time is of the essence and we must combine IPM with a product. Through extensive testing of a variety of products, we’ve settled on a treatment that has its active ingredients made up of concentrated botanic oils. These botanic oils block the action of a neurotransmitter that is found only in insects but not in vertebrae animals such as humans and pets. Because this product is based completely on botanic oils, we can use it in the most sensitive of areas where traditional products are inappropriate or unwanted.

If you have any questions about Admiral Pest Control’s green pest management options, just ask your friendly Admiral Pest Control technician or contact us here.