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Admiral Pest Control was founded in 1947 on the kitchen table of Walter Lance. Providing pest control to Long Beach residents was a part of the original Admiral Pest service area. While we have grown to more than 20 trucks since Admiral was founded more than sixty years ago, our commitment to providing high quality Long Beach pest control services has never wavered.

Loads of Pesky Bugs

Located on the campus of California State University, Earl Burns Miller Japanese Garden in Long Beach offers a free tour of hundreds of tree species. Long Beach also has a lot of bugs. They enter your home hoping to get a free tour of your food, water and sometimes your blood. If you have a pest infestation, Admiral Pest Control is your local solution.

Aggravating Arachnids

Spiders like the black widow and brown widow make their haphazard webs in your garage and basement. Their bite contains a neurotoxin that can be fatal to children and the elderly. The brown recluse likes your wood piles and stacks of cardboard. Their bite can cause skin necrosis and is considered to be dangerous. Sac spiders and cellar spiders are not hazardous, yet their bite can be painful. No matter what type of spider is causing you concern, Admiral Pest Control can take care of the problem.

Terrifying Termites

Termites cause a completely different issue. They devour wood. Your grandmother’s rocking chair is a dry wood termite’s favorite meal. The studs holding up your home can fail if they are consumed by subterranean termites. Admiral Pest Control offers free termite inspections.

Wacky Wasps

If your yard is being overrun with stinging aerial invaders, you can reclaim your right to outdoor enjoyment with Admiral Pest Control. Paper wasps and yellow jackets can’t hide from us. We eliminate their nests and keep your yard stinger free.

Admiral Pest Control is your Local Solution

No matter the pest, we have a solution. When you call Admiral Pest Control, you get a certified local expert that is familiar with Long Beach pest species. Pest Control is our specialty. We can identify and remove rodent hot spots, eliminate bed bugs, and exterminate cockroaches. We have been serving Long Beach for nearly 70 years. When you want pest eradication done right, make the right call the first time. Protect your home and your family, call Admiral Pest Control today.

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