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Orange County is a spicy blend of business and pleasure. Overall, the median income in Orange County is well above the national and state average. Career jobs abound, creating prosperity in an area and temperature that most people deem perfect. It lies just minutes from white sandy beaches, which keep tourists and locals satisfied year round. Sun bathing has never been better!

Pest Control in Orange County

Sadly, this perfect climate attracts some the nastiest bugs around California. We’ve served Orange County for over 70 years, helping the people that live here solve their pest annoyances. And we love it here. That's why we work to rid this beautiful area of all things nasty (in the form of pests, of course). Specializing in spider, ant, and rodent control is just the start. As our name states, Admiral Pest Control commands attention and excellence in our field of work. We believe in providing a solid service and being active in our community. If you need the Best Pest Control in Orange County, we’re here for you.

The most common bugs here drive homeowners nuts, especially during the warmer months of the year. The Argentine Ant has been labeled “California’s Most Invasive Insect”, and for good reason. They are non-native to California, yet seen to be thriving with little food and all the while, expanding in numbers. Next time you see those ants coming into the kitchen (especially in the springtime), don’t just sweep them up and reach for the bug spray- reach for the phone. We have been trying to protect homes, families, and the environment and rid this great area of pests that aren’t supposed to be here.

Another pesky insect that requires attention in California is the termite. A mature colony can cause thousands of dollars worth of damage if left unchecked. Most people don’t know specifically what to look for- if you have questions or are concerned you might have termites, give us a call today and we’ll make sure it gets taken care of.

Experience is a must in this industry. With so many new-comers in the past few years, homeowners never quite know if they’re getting a professional or an amateur. With Admiral, you’ll never have that worry. Six decades has taught us a lot about how best to deal with insects and rodents. We’ve been pioneers in treatment methods and customer relations since the beginning.

In addition to general pest control Admiral Pest Control also provides the following extermination services:

We offer the following services:

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