let us take care of pests that are bugging you.

Admiral Pest Control has been providing pest control services to the families of southern Los Angeles County and Orange County for more than 70 years. In fact, we are the oldest pest control company in Orange and Los Angeles County under the same owner. We are well known for our Los Angeles termite service and Orange County pest control services.

Our staff’s extensive training and advanced technology focus on attacking any pests already in your home and prevention measures to help control unwanted invaders in the future.  Each of our technicians is certified and background checked. We have extensive training and experience with a variety of pests including:

  • termites
  • bed bugs
  • ants
  • cockroaches
  • rats
  • mice
  • gophers and moles
  • nuisance birds
  • and many, many more common pests that may be sharing your home with you.

Pest Prevention Programs

One time treatments rarely result in permanent pest control. For those seeking a permanent solution to their pest problems, we offer regular service on a monthly, every other month, or quarterly basis.

With regular service, your home will receive scheduled pest control visits plus any trouble calls in between services are no charge. Typical pest problems we treat with our pest control program include: ants, cockroaches, spiders, silverfish, gophers, rats, mice, and many more pests.

Inside your home, we focus on only the areas where pests hide and breed. Outside your home, we look to identify and seal off the areas where pests enter your home such as windows, doors, and vent screens. By sealing off potential access points and using pinpoint treatment tactics, we minimize the amount of pesticides required while reducing and eliminating the different pests you may share your home with.

The initial service will consist of:

  • A visual inspection of your home with a certified pest control professional
  • Address any immediate concerns and pest infestations
  • An exterior treatment including your garage
  • Treatment of the interior of the home