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Pest Control In Pico Rivera, CA

Some of the best things about living in Pico Rivera are its quiet, family-friendly, and minutes away from desirable recreation and amenities.
Dealing with invading pests is never fun, but residents in Pico Rivera deal with unwanted visitors occasionally. Homeowners and businesses need adequate protection from destructive, harmful pests. One of the best ways to ensure peace of mind is to contact pest control in Pico Rivera for services.

Admiral Pest Control delivers quality residential and commercial pest control services. When infestations spread illnesses, trigger allergies, or damage a property’s structural integrity, it’s serious. It’s essential to scout out pesky invaders and get them out safely and effectively.

Residential Pest Control In Pico Rivera

Homeowners should protect their families, pets, and properties from invading critters. Insects, rodents, and other pests will try to sneak inside your home year-round. The best defense is to remove factors that attract different invaders and apply exclusion methods. A professional pest control company can help homeowners maintain a pest-free home.

Admiral Pest Control is a dependable company that homeowners trust to deliver safe, effective pest control solutions. When unwanted critters show up unexpectedly, it can radically upend daily life. Pests will build nests, eat food, contaminate surfaces, and make disturbing noises.

Admiral Pest Control can deploy technicians with the experience and tools to deter pests and stop infestations. Without professional pest control, homeowners are stuck with expensive repairs and battle illnesses and other problems when critters invade.

Why should residents schedule visits from a pest control company year-round? Residential pest control from Admiral Pest Control provides the following:

  • We offer quarterly treatments to keep your home pest-free and follow up to ensure the ongoing strength of our solutions.
  • We remove webs from the exterior of your property when we visit.
  • Our products and services keep ants, spiders, cockroaches, fleas, and most common pests at bay.

Our family owned and operated business has been in operation since 1947. We have decades of experience eliminating pests, thwarting infestations, and providing effective barriers to keep invading critters out.

Contact Admiral Pest Control if you suspect you have an infestation or want the best protection against invading pests.

What Attracts Mosquitoes In Pico Rivera To Bite You?

little girl putting on bug spray

When the temperatures rise or the rainy season kicks off, mosquitoes become more of an active problem. Homeowners should look for ways to deter these bugs and prevent bites. When these insects are swarming around, it is usually because of attractant factors in your home and surrounding property. It’s critical to use effective solutions to keep mosquitoes far away.

Admiral Pest Control provides excellent home pest control solutions to thwart infestations of mosquitoes. Homeowners can strengthen the impact of treatments by removing factors that attract mosquitoes.

Remove sources of standing water, keep grass and shrubbery trimmed, and avoid wearing scents that draw mosquitoes. Have an Admiral Pest Control technician inspect your property for conducive conditions that attract these insects. And don’t forget to find helpful ways to exclude these pests. 

Adult female mosquitoes feed on hosts because they need blood to support breeding. Body heat, carbon dioxide, sweat, and ammonia exuding from exposed skin are irresistible to hungry mosquitoes.

Admiral Pest Control provides home mosquito control, including misting services and mosquito traps. We focus on reducing the population of bugs on your property, targeting breeding adult females and their eggs, where they love to spend their time.

Schedule a visit from Admiral Pest Control for an inspection and effective pest control treatment to repel mosquitoes.

What’s The Fastest Way To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs In Pico Rivera?

a lot of bed bugs in a bed

It’s unsettling to have bed bugs in your home. These parasitic critters will hide to evade detection for months without feeding on a host. Plus, your home has the perfect hiding places in the form of nooks and crannies that are dark and out of the way. The best way to get rid of bed bugs is to call professionals for help. Only professional bed bug control solutions can quickly eliminate these parasites from your home.

Admiral Pest Control realizes that bed bugs are a considerable challenge to expel without professional pest control products and methods. Homeowners should find ways to exclude these pests taking preventative measures and allowing Admiral Pest Control to provide pest control services.

When you call Admiral Pest Control, we will conduct a free inspection to determine how to move forward. Our technicians will map out the severity of the infestation and correctly identify the size of the problem. 

Next, we can use a chemical treatment or fumigation to eliminate bed bugs. We ensure to use of EPA-approved products that are effective and safe.

Bed bugs will hitch a ride into your home after you visit a hotel, use public transit, or attend a crowded event. Check your clothes, bags, and any items you bring into your home for hidden insects. Be careful when guests visit your home; they may accidentally leave bed bugs behind.

Trust a dependable pest control company to target bed bugs in your home. Call Admiral Pest Control for treatment and stop itchy, sleepless nights and anxiety.

Commercial Pest Control In Pico Rivera

Business owners never want an infestation on their property. Hungry insects and rodents will destroy inventory, build nests in inconvenient places, and disturb employees and customers. When pests frequently invade a company, it is nearly impossible to conduct daily operations. Over time, wanton pests may cause expensive damages, hurt profits, and destroy a good reputation.

Admiral Pest Control is ready to help business owners protect their bottom line and public health from pesky critters. Pests can strike without warning, ruin furniture, nest in appliances, and chase away customers.

How can a business benefit from signing up for commercial pest control services? Consider the following:

  • Our technicians apply Integrated Pest Management methods to control problems with infestations.
  • We provide effective solutions when businesses need discreet services that fit their schedule.
  • Our company offers affordable, custom pest control treatments and monthly follow-up services.

If you need a one-time treatment or recurring services, Admiral Pest Control is the dependable pest company at your service. We also provide specialized rodent and bed bug control and same-day services. 

Our technicians can treat hotels, food services, retail shops, industrial facilities, and warehouses. When pests get in the way of daily operations, let Admiral Pest Control provide commercial pest control services.

Don’t wait until your business has to shut down, receives fines, or loses customers and employees. A pest infestation can lead to injuries and illnesses and stop daily operations.

Give Admiral Pest Control a call to learn how we can prevent pests from harming your business and profitability.

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