Eight Prevention Tips To Keep Your Orange & Los Angeles County Homes Rodent-Free

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Keeping homes safe from rodents and the diseases they bring may seem like a big job, but fortunately, once you know what brings them in, it’s pretty simple to make adjustments that will keep these pests away. In Orange County and Los Angeles County, homeowners should be especially watchful of two species of rodents. Not only can they fit through holes as small as a nickel, but they can put members of your household at serious risk of disease.

Rodents Common To The Area

Three common rodents are posing serious health threats to homeowners in the area. Learning their preferences is the first step to preventing an infestation.

Roof rats prefer to nest in the upper parts of homes, usually in attics and rafters but can be found anywhere, especially under things like woodpiles and debris. Outside they are attracted to lush landscapes with dense vegetation and fruit trees.

Norway rats, on the other hand, have poor vision and aren’t especially agile. They can, however, swim. They tend to nest in crawl spaces, basements, and other areas with excess moisture. They can also be found under woodpiles and debris. Outside they are drawn to fields, farmlands, and riverbanks. These rats are burrowers and make their dens under structures or in sewers.

On the smaller end of the spectrum are house mice. Because of their size mice can move into a variety of spaces in a home but tend to infest areas inside the walls and attic where there is plenty of insulation material to create a nest. They seek out both food and water from your home and will often hide in overgrown shrubbery until they find a way inside.

These pests can spread diseases like jaundice, bubonic plague, trichinosis, salmonellosis, rat-bite fever. They aren’t just health threats. They are constant chewers that can contaminate your food storage, chew holes in your support beams, and tear out your wall insulation to build nests.

8 Tips To Keep From Making Your Home A Rodent Paradise

Rodents can infest any home, but good sanitation and regular home maintenance is a huge deterrent to rodents seeking a hospitable environment. To keep them from making themselves at home, practice these tips:

1. Keep indoor trash sealed and taken out regularly and sanitize the bin weekly.

2. Store food in gnaw-proof containers. Glass or metal is ideal.

3. Indoors and out, don’t let a spill sit. Vacuuming regularly can also do the trick.

4. Keep hiding places like firewood, old tires, and shrubs at least twenty feet from the home.

5. Remove outdoor food sources, including dog food, fruit trees, and trash.

6. Seal holes as small as a dime with silicon-based caulk or steel wool.

7. Fix any moisture issues by repairing leaking pipes, run-off problems, or landscaping issues that collect water.

8. Trim back trees that give access to the roof and rafters.

Sometimes it can be hard to get started on home protection, or an infestation may already be underway. If that’s the case, don’t wait to call Admiral Pest Control for quality rodent control services.

Admiral Pest Control Is The Best Form Of Rodent Protection

Regular visits from a pest control professional are the best way to keep your home safe from pests, especially from animals as smart and stubborn as rodents. We can help you detect early signs of infestations and problem areas that may be allowing them into your home.

We have been protecting communities in Southern California since 1947, and as part of this community, our top priority is your safety and peace of mind. Call Admiral Pest Control for a free estimate, today.

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