What To Do About Rodent Infestations On Your Los Angeles County Property

Dealing with rodent problems on your Los Angeles County property can be a persistent and worrisome challenge. As a homeowner or property manager, the presence of rodents not only poses health concerns but can also lead to extensive damage to your premises. Whether you’re facing issues with rats, mice, or other unwanted critters, finding effective […]

Eight Prevention Tips To Keep Your Orange & Los Angeles County Homes Rodent-Free

Keeping homes safe from rodents and the diseases they bring may seem like a big job, but fortunately, once you know what brings them in, it’s pretty simple to make adjustments that will keep these pests away. In Orange County and Los Angeles County, homeowners should be especially watchful of two species of rodents. Not only can they […]

What You Should Know About Norway Rat Control In Orange County, CA

Norway rats are one of history’s most infamous pests. Also known as the brown rat, street rat, sewer rat, and many other names, Norway rats have spread across the world from their native origins in Northern China, and they have been living alongside humans for thousands of years. These large, aggressive rats tend to out […]

What Orange County Property Owners Ought To Know About Rats

In Orange County, rats are a common home and business pest. Despite the frequency of rat infestations, most property owners have limited knowledge about rats. You should educate yourself on rat behavior, identification, and prevention to make sure you can keep your Orange County property safe from these rodents. What Type Of Rats Live In Orange […]