What Orange County Property Owners Ought To Know About Rats

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In Orange County, rats are a common home and business pest. Despite the frequency of rat infestations, most property owners have limited knowledge about rats. You should educate yourself on rat behavior, identification, and prevention to make sure you can keep your Orange County property safe from these rodents.

What Type Of Rats Live In Orange County?

In Orange County, you’re likely to come across one of two types of rats. The first type is the roof rat, which is an agile rodent that climbs on trees and on roofs. It’s a long and thin rodent that grows to be as much as 18 inches long. If you look at its tail, you might notice that this Orange County rodent has a tail longer than its body. 
The other common rat is the Norway rat. Larger than the roof rat, this type of rat has a stocky body. Its tail is also shorter than that of the roof rat. Whichever type of rat you have on your property, you could be in for trouble. All rats in the area have the potential to spread diseases. When they take over your home or business, everyone is in danger.

The Danger Of Rats

Some pests in Orange County are only nuisance creatures. They annoy property owners but don’t do much damage or cause any danger. Unfortunately, rats are not that type of pest. They can cause major problems for home and business owners alike. Perhaps the most important thing to know about rats is that they can spread diseases to humans. In their feces and urine, there could be hazardous pathogens. Rats can spread the plague, as well as a long list of other diseases. They also negatively impact people with asthma or allergies. 
The property damage caused by rats should be another concern of yours. If you’ve ever looked closely at the teeth of a rat, you know how sharp they are. Rats can chew through tough materials, including wood and weak concrete. Additionally, they can completely chew through electrical wires. This could create a fire hazard.

Rats Are Difficult To Keep Out

There’s a misconception that rats won’t invade your property if you keep it clean. Although maintaining a clean property is one way to make your property less appealing to rats, it’s not a guarantee that rats will stay out. In fact, there are many other things attracting rats to your property. Any food in your home could draw in rats. If you have unsealed food in your pantry, garbage in your garbage cans, or crumbs on your counter, you could have rats. It’s almost impossible to take away all of their food sources.
It’s equally difficult to take away all of their potential entrances. Rats have the ability to take a small crevice and chew it into a large hole. While you might try to seal up all potential rat entrances, these pests are bound to find a way inside.

Most DIY (Do It Yourself) Attempts Fail – Call The Professionals

As rapid breeders, rats can triple their population in a short time. This is one of the challenges in eliminating rats from your home or business. If you don’t get every rat out, they’ll reproduce and remain in your property. Rats are also hard to find, which makes trapping them a nearly impossible task to the untrained individual. It takes someone with extensive pest control knowledge to successfully prevent and eliminate rats from your property.
If you don’t want rats invading your home or business, you need professional help from Admiral Pest Control. It’s the most effective and safest way of dealing with rats. We offer free estimates and inspections with flexible scheduling and same day services. Don’t hesitate to call us today at Admiral Pest Control!

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